2010 M2 Freightliner
330 HP Cummins ISC Engine
Seating for 5 Firefighters
Built by Intercontinental Truck Body (B.C.) Inc.

Heavy rescue vehicle with Holmatrol coretech auto extrication tools, Paratech air lift bags and struts, 18' walk around rescue body c/w command module, 25 kw pto Onan generator with a 13' Mirage automatic awning on the passenger side, Wilburt 4.5 night scan light tower, 911 seats in the back and two air ride seats in the front, and TriMax 30 foam system capable 600 gal of finished foam.

2007 Spartan Advantage, Raised Roof Custom Engine
370 hp Cummins ISL engine
Seating for six firefighters
Built by Rosenbauer Fire Apparatus

Painted roll up doors with complete NFPA compliant LED light and reflective stripping package. 1500 IPGM pump with 1000gals water capacity. "Rosenbauer Max CAFS" compressed air foam system, with 30 gal integral foam tank. Two 1 3/4" speed lays, one 1 3/4" cross lay and one 2 1/2" cross lay. Hose bed capacity of 2500 feet,. as well as ground ladder storage in a through tank compartment. The 24" extended front bumper has a hose compartment for a 2 1/2" attack line as well as high volume deck monitor is mounted on top of the truck. Pump panel features include, a electronic pressure govenor, remote foam fill system, auto tank fill, and storage for 50' of 4" hose. Equipment on board includes, 6 breathing apparatus, force able entry tools, portable pump, positive pressure fan, hoses and appliances, first responder kit, gas detector, thermal imaging camera and bottled drinking water. The truck is equipped with a Honda 6500 watt generator powering four scene lights a four 110 volt receptacles.

2001 Ford F-250
Crew Cab Four Wheel Drive

This support vehicle is used to transport firefighters and equipment to and from emergency scenes. The truck also provides transportation for firefighters on training sessions, as well as a marked department vehicle for the duty chiefs to carry out their duties.

1997 Freightliner FL-80
300hp CAT
Seats Crew of 5
Built by Superior

1050gpm pump, 1000gal cap water tank, Foam System, 6500W Honda Generator, 5 SCBA pack with spare bottles, Positive Pressure Ventilation Fan, Honda portable high pressure pump, 36', 12' and folding attic ladders, Rescue ropes, Stihl Chain saw, 800ft of 4" Supply line, 3 preconnected 1 3/4" lines, Hard Suction, Gas Detector, Spill containment materials, Scene lights, Holmatro Extrication System (Jaws of Life), Spreader, Cutter, First Responder Medical Kit, Reciprocating Saw, Blocking Material

1998 Kenworth
460hp Cummins N14
Seats Crew of 2
Built by Profire / Advanced   Engineering

3200gal cap water tank, 10" Rear Dump Valve, Portable high pressure pump , 1500gal cap bladder tank , Hard Suction

2001 Ford F550 4x4
 7.3L Power Stroke
 Seats Crew of 5
 Built by Profire
Holmatro Extrication System (Jaws of Life), Spreader, Cutter, Combination Tool, 2 Rams, Automated External Defibrillator, First Responder Medical Kit, Spine Board and Basket Stretcher, Warn 8000lbs winch mounted in front bumper, 5000W Honda Generator, 2 1000W Scene Lights, Reciprocating Saw, Stihl Cutoff Saw, Stihl Chain Saw, Rescue ropes, Set of Rescue Lift Bags, Blocking Material, 4 SCBA packs with Spare bottles


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